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Ageing is an automated process encoded in our DNA. The pace of ageing varies between individuals. However, there are several factors known to catalyze the process ie. smoking, binge drinking, lack of quality rest, unhealthy stress, sedentary lifestyle. One of the biggest contributors to facial ageing is SUNLIGHT, known as photoageing. Just imagine your beautiful red dress slowly losing its vibrancy after several sunnings. Imagine the same exposure over several decades on your skin. The underlying mechanism is called photochemolysis when ultraviolet rays is slowly (or in many circumstances, rapidly) making us appeared old and unattractive. Now, let's talk about the ageing face.

What are changing in the ageing face?
  1. Reduced production of collagen (fullness)
  2. Reduced production of hyaluronic acid (fullness, ability to absorb and retain moisture)
  3. Reduced production of elastin (elasticity, pore refinement)
  4. Growth of fats around the eyes with loosening skin
  5. Migration of fats from cheeks to lower third of face and double chin formation
  6. Pigmentation and/or depigmentation (white spots) due to photodamage (UV damage)
  7. Overactive expressive facial muscles causing deep wrinkles (crow's feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles) and broad lower face
  8. Hair loss & receding hairline

As human lifespan continues to increase due to ongoing scientific research, many retirees remain physically and mentally fit. They are socially active in their own good ways. They want to feel comfortable with how they look. That's graceful ageing and that's quality of life. My younger patients told me their enhanced facial appearance helped to bring home bread & bacon and a spouse for life.  

  So, when should we start anti-ageing therapy since we can't stop it? Just like taking care of our health, the earlier the better.

Your definitive anti-ageing plan: 
  1. Think positive & be kind 
  2. Good nutrition
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Good rest
  5. Good health maintenance with routine preventive medical screening tailored just for you and existing illness optimization
  6. Good water intake
  7. Good sunprotection
  8. Good skincare

Experience it yourself and you will find out
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