Botulinum Toxin Therapy



Botulinum toxin type A, also widely known as botox, is an injectable neuromodulator. It reduces neurotransmission to targeted muscle in order to reduce expressive wrinkles caused by strong facial muscular contraction. It is able to remove mild expressive wrinkles. The deterioration of moderate to severe permanent wrinkles can be slowed down greatly


Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), between eyebrows (frown lines) and forehead. By reducing the size of chewing muscles on both side of lower face, the front profile of face appears less squarish and more V shape. It may also lift drooping brows and corners of mouth. It is able to reduce excessive sweating on hands, feet and axilla. It may also be used off-label to treat migraine.

Treatment procedure:

A very fine needle is used by Dr. Kent for this therapy and usually involve a few injection points only. A tiny pinprick sensation is felt and a typical session lasts between 5 to 10 minutes


No down time. You may return to work after treatment without being noticed. Effect (less wrinkle or lifting) starts to take place in 3-5 days and full effect in 2-3 weeks 

Treatment interval:

Depending on the treated area, intervals generally range from 4 to 12 months

Myth buster:

Botulinum toxin type A does not “kill” the muscles or alter facial structures permanently as many may believe. It was originally developed in 1973 by eye surgeon, Dr Alan Scott, for treating a squint in children before extending to other conditions such as blepharospasm (abnormal twitching of eyelids) and cerebral palsy in young children. Through observation by a husband-and-wife team, Dr Jean (eye specialist) and Dr Alastair Carruthers (dermatologist), botulinum toxin type A ’s ability to reduce expressive wrinkles was discovered. This marvellous anti-ageing treatment has since helped millions of people with excellent safety profile. Botulinum toxin type A has been extensively studied worldwide including routine muscle biopsy on patients young and old to ensure long-term safety. It has been shown that once the treatment has stopped, the neuromuscular structure will return to its original condition with no permanent damage.

Botulinum toxin type A is a prescription drug and must be performed by a trained and experienced doctor. Non-medical qualified cosmetic and beautician consultants, specialists or experts or people who have previously worked with doctors are not qualified to perform this procedure.

Under experienced hands, botulinum toxin type A treatment gives you natural, elegant and confident appearance. It does not make you look much older than before once treatment has stopped. It does not harden the skin or stay in our muscles permanently.


Pre & Post-Care Instructions


Pre-Care Instructions:

Contraindications: pregnancy, nursing, or trying to get pregnant. Neurological Diseases including but not limited to Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lambert Eaton Syndrome, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease. Allergies to the toxin ingredients or to human albumin, any active infection, previous allergy or reaction to botulinum toxin type A. Medications which are contraindicated: aminoglycosides, nerve blockers (anticholinesterases, succinylcholine), lincosamides, polymyxins, quinidine, or magnesium sulfate

Post-Care Instructions:

Results begin to be noticed after 3-5 days peaking around 2-3 weeks. Avoid washing face with very warm water, going to steam bath or sauna on the first day. Do not massage the treated area for the first 5 days. Gently cleanse the area twice daily with mild cleanser. We recommend Kent's Nourishing Cleanser. Make-up may be used as long as skin is not irritated. Follow up is usually in 2 – 6 weeks and Dr. Kent may offer a free touch up should minor adjustment be necessary

Notify Dr. Kent immediately if you have any questions, concerns or warning signs of infection (redness, pain, swelling). DR KENT CLINIC contact: 0380523082, 0374978788 , 0123954223, 0122211841.




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