Chemical Peel Pre & Post Care Instructions

Contraindications: Patients with history of herpes should pre-medicate with oral anti-virus medication. Patients with active cold sores or warts, open wound, sunburn, excessive sensitive skin, healing problems, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea in the area(s) to be treated should be excluded. Patients with history of allergies, rashes or other skin reactions may be sensitive to treatment. Please inform us of an allergy to salicylates (i.e. aspirin). This procedure should not be administered to pregnant or lactating women
What to Expect:

Patients will likely experience a mild to moderate heat sensation as the peel activates on the skin for a few seconds. This sensation will gradually disappear and your skin should feel completely normal throughout the day. Approximately 48 hours after the treatment, your skin may start to peel. If peeling occurs the process may last anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending on the type of peel that was applied.


Mild redness and peeling may last approximately 3-5 days.

Pre-Care Instructions (one week before your peel):

Avoid the following procedures: electrolysis, waxing, depilatory creams, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and prolonged sun exposure. Cease using any potent exfoliating products that may be drying or irritating, such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

Pre Care Instructions (three days before you peel):

Cease using Retinol Complex, Retin-A, Renova®, adapalene 0.1% or any products containing retinol, AHA, BHA or benzoyl peroxide.

Post-treatment Recommendations/Prescriptive Care:

Wash face with gentle cleanser and exfoliator-free cleanser ie. Kent's Nourishing Cleanser. Avoid very warm water and hard massage. Pat dry and do not rub. Do not pick or pull skin as scarring or pigmentation can result. Avoid CLARISONIC brush or washcloth on your face for 14 days post peel application. Always apply daily or twice daily SPF50 sunscreen. Sunscreen ingredient should be predominantly zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide ie. Kent's SPF50 Matifying or Glowing Sunscreen. Gentle moisturizers without AHA, BHA, retinol or adapalene compounds are recommended for 2 weeks. We sugguest Kent's Soothing Essense. Whitening Cream and Hydrating Face Mask. Skincare with rich fragrance and alcohol content should be avoided. Patients with hypersensitivity to the sun should avoid prolonged sun exposure immediately following the procedure as there may be more sensitivity following the treatment. Do not have any other facial treatment for at least 10 days after your peel. You should stay well hydrated with adequate fluid intake and rest.

Follow up visit will be in 2-4 weeks. Please notify Dr. Kent if you have any questions or concerns.

I understand the above instructions. I understand the risks and signs of possible side effects and complications such as severe redness, peeling, swelling, blistering, burns, ulcers, pain or infection and I will call the clinic immediately if I have any questions or concerns.

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