Laser Treatment for Scars

Laser (ablative) Treatment for Scars

Precise elimination of scars and replacement with healthy skin cells and components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid through natural healing process.


Treatment Procedure

Optional post-laser medical facial (15 minutes):

The choice for mask (15 minutes):


Mild to moderate redness, swelling and scab for 5-7 days. Can be concealed with flesh-toned make up or sunscreen immediately after laser. Avoid direct sun exposure especially without sunscreen for more than 15 minutes on the first week.

Treatment Interval

Once a month. Once desired effect achieved, treatment may stop or be maintained at once every 3-6 months.

Myth Buster

This laser does not make your skin thinner. You may go under the sun with proper use of sunscreen (SPF50) as long as it is not prolonged (continuous for 1 hour or more).

Pre & Post-Care Instructions


No oral isotretinoin use in the past one year. Any history of vitiligo, scleroderma, collagen disorders, radiation treatment, skin cancer, psoriasis, keloid scarring, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Notify Dr. Kent if you have any history of dermal filler or silicone injections. Notify Dr. Kent if you have sleep apnoea or other breathing problems.

Pre-Care Instructions

Notify us if you have a history of developing cold sores (herpes infections), facial sores, or any other type of infection. Notify us if you have tattoos or permanent makeup. Minimize sun exposure and use daily sunscreen containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Stop Tretinoin, Retin-A, Retinol, adapalene skincare 10 days before and skin lightening products (hydroquinone) 3 days before. If you have a long ride home, bring a cooler of ice for afterwards. Avoid waxing for 1 week before and 4-8 weeks after treatment. Drink plenty of water the days before the procedure.

Day of Procedure

You will feel mildly warm on treated area for the first few hours after treatment. Cooling mask will be applied immediately after therapy for soothing effect. You may apply cold compression through the first two days to decrease swelling and redness. Ice for 10-15 minutes every hour. You can’t ice too much! To make a soothing compress, place wet wash cloths in the freezer for several hours before applying to face. DO NOT PICK at your skin and avoid scrubbing or exfoliation of the skin. DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH TO WASH FACE FOR 1 WEEK (however, using the washcloth for icing is fine as long as you don’t scrub). You may shower that night or the next day and wash hair, but avoid excessively hot water. Sleep with head elevated to decrease swelling. You may apply arnica gel twice daily to reduce swelling and redness.

Post - Therapy DAY 1 - 3

Avoid stinging or acid-containing skincare and exfoliator. Choose gentle and hydrating skincare. We recommend Kent’s range of skincare such as Nourishing Cleanser, Soothing Essence, Whitening Cream, Sunscreen SPF50 with Matifying or Glowing Finish, Whitening Face Mask. If there is blistering, extreme redness and swelling, sign of burns, ulcers, infection, smell or anything you are concerned about occurs, please notify Dr. Kent immediately. You may ice the treated area (10-15 minutes per hour). Ensure adequate water intake and rest. You may apply arnica gel twice daily to reduce swelling and redness. Daily or twice daily sunscreen of SPF50. We advise to refrain from strenuous exercise, sauna, face massage for 1 week. If you need to apply make-up, we advise to use mineral based make up. You may enquire about full mineral make-up from our friendly nurses.

Post - Therapy DAY 4 - 7

The redness and swelling should gradually subside on the third to fourth day. As the scab starts to peel on the fifth to seventh day, you may experience itchiness. You may apply more moisturizer and/or take oral anti-histamine. DO NOT PICK AT YOUR SKIN. If there is dangling dead skin, you may use a pair of scissors to trim it off. You may apply arnica gel twice daily to reduce swelling and redness. Daily or twice daily sunscreen of SPF50. You may resume shaving when redness has fully resolved (typically after 1 week). Avoid scrubbing and exfoliation for 1 month including CLARISONIC brush.

AVOID PROLONGED SUN EXPOSURE for at least 4 weeks after treatment. Apply daily or twice daily sunscreen of SPF50 with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. AVOID WAXING of the treated area for 8 weeks after treatment. You may exercise when redness is subsiding but try not to get sweat on the treated area for the first week. Cleanse immediately if it happens. It is normal for your skin to have lighter, darker and pink areas as it heals. A flare-up of milia (tiny white bumps on the skin) may occur 2-3 weeks post-treatment. These symptoms are not unusual and can be easily resolved. Contact Dr Kent Clinic if this occurs.

If you notice any blisters, burns, cuts, bruises, areas of raw skin, ulcerations, active bleeding, increased discomfort or pain or any other problems, please contact Dr. Kent immediately. Post-treatment healing varies from patient to patient. If you have any questions or concerns, Please contact us at DR KENT CLINIC contact: +(60)3 – 8052 3082, +(60)3 – 7497 8788, +(60)12 – 395 4223, +(60)12 – 221 1841.

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