Skin Types

Dry Skin
Skin feels tight and usually appears dull with more visible pores and wrinkles. Not uncommon to have flaky and itchy patches every now and then. Avoid foamy cleanser and soap bar. Choose soap free liquid cleanser. Fragrance and alcohol rich toner may irritate skin. Prudent use of exfoliator under physician guidance is advisable.

Oily Skin
Skin appears shiny and feels greasy. Acne and commedones (black or white heads) are the major heartbreakers for this skin type. Use of greasy and commedogenic (pore-clogging) skincare (moisturizer, lightener, sunscreen, BB or CC cream) is not advisable. Wrinkle is usually less severe with oily skin due to its abundance of natural lubricant. Anti-sebum cleanser, toner and sebum regulator (beta-hydroxy acid such as salicylic acid) are helpful.

Combination Skin
Skin has a combination of oily (usually T zone ie. forehead, nose, cheeks, chin) and dry areas (lateral parts of face). This is a common condition. A gentle soap free liquid cleanser combined with dual zones (oily and dry) skincare types provide best care to this skin type.

Normal Skin
Skin is neither greasy nor dry and is suitable for a wide range of skincare products.

Sensitive Skin
Skin turns reddish and irritated easily by various factors such as polluted air, sudden change in temperature or humidity, fragrance and of course, unsuitable skincare. Renewal cream or serum containing alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), clarifying cleanser, fragrance and alcohol rich toner, lightener and potent sunscreen (SPF>60) are the usual culprits. There may be family history of eczema or rosacea. Choosing skincare tested for sensitive skin is beneficial. Moisturizer which contains bisabolol provides soothing effect. Sunscreen with more mineral content ie. zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and less chemical filters ie. oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, homosalate, octinoxate and octocrylene, has less risk for causing allergic reaction.

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