It's not just about the aesthetics,
it's about your life.

The skin is the largest organ and it plays first line defence for our body. Healthy skin regulates body temperature, shield us from radiation and infection, stores energy, senses danger and last but not least, provides subtle signals associated with sexual signaling. It only makes sense to give it as much love as the heart, kidneys and liver. We hope that you’ll be enlightened after exploring the journey with us!  Come and visit our aesthetic clinics at Puchong and Petaling Jaya

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Clients choose us because:

1. MOH Registered Doctors

2. Well Trained Staffs

3. Value for Money

4. Not commercialized or hyped up

5. Technology

6. We Support ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability)

7. Cruelty-free Skincare

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday10am – 7pm
Saturday10am – 6pm


We started assisting our patients’ transformations since 2012. We never look back since. We’d like to imagine ourselves as parents to our patients. We educate and care for them with the help of scientific evolution. Of course, with plenty of love. When our children are unwell or lost in life, we comfort them and restore vitality and confidence. When bright children are destined for great adventure, we give’em that tiny push to reach the stratosphere. That’s what we do as professionals. 

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The Face

"The best investment you can make is in yourself" - Warren Buffett
Your face is your fortune.

The Skin

Skin First. Make Up Second. Smile Always.

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The Hair

Having a bad hair day? Allow science to show the way.

The Body

Your body is your temple. You do your body good; your body will do you good.

The Wellbeing

Everybody deserves to be happy. True wealth is in your health.

Sexual Health & Sexually Transmitted Disease

The Soul, The Escape, The Way of Life, The Whatever You Want to Call It.


Specialty: Dermatology Laser Surgeon, Skin & Aesthetic Practitioner, Wellness Consultant.

Language: Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka



Specialty: Skin & Aesthetic Practitioner, Wellness Consultant.

Language: Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien


0% Interest Easy Payment Available

We understand that finance is often a deciding factor when it comes to any treatment. We collaborate with various banks to offer finance solutions with manageable payments to suit a variety of budgets.


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The Aesthetic Clinic And Skin Doctor In Malaysia that you can trust

We provide professional laser treatments for pigmentation, acne, hair removal, aesthetic & skin diseases.

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